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CP2100 current probe
NCT instruments CP2100 dual DC to 10MHz current probe
The NCT instruments CP2100 is a dual channel current probe with a sensitivity of 100mV/A (or 50mV/A when terminated with 50 Ohm) and a bandwidth from DC to 10MHz. Each channel is fully isolated so two independent currents can be measured at different voltage levels. A current probe is an invaluable piece of equipment when designing (switching) power supplies, power amplifiers, etc. Often the current flowing through a circuit or component offers a great insight in how a circuit works (or why it misbehaves).
The CP2100 comes with a 5V adapter (220/230V).
CP2100 Operating manual
Ordering and payment
The CP2100 costs 199,- (including 21% VAT) excluding shipping costs. Wire transfer and Paypal can be used to pay. Please contact for the shipping costs and an invoice.